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How To Pay

Bank Information

How To Pay Through Bank Transfer

Orange Shine Square accepts payment for online banking transfer or direct deposit to our Maybank Account.


1. Direct deposit or Online Banking to the account below :

Benficiary's Bank : Malayan Banking (Maybank)

Beneficiary's : Orange Shine Square

Beneficiary's Bank Account No. : 5050 8250 4861


2. Sent the receipt bank information (picture) by emailing to info@orangeshinesquare.com

Receipt bank information format as shown below:

Bank type:

Date :

Time :

Amount :

Payment Evidence Details : (Reference number, scan of physical copy slip, or print screen transferred screen.


3. Once you have made a payment, please sent the receipt bank information by emailing to info@orangeshinesquare.com. If any other problems and questions, Please feel free to get in touch with us.